logo 105x120Welcome, to BlabCafe. My goal with this blog has been and will continue to be about promoting your business. The past few months have been hectic and productive .
If you have not yet been a guest or have an interest in coming on the live show, You can watch this video first to get an idea of how the show flows. What I would ask of you is that you have a hard wired internet connection and not rely on a WIFI system. The main reason for this is, Picture and sound quality can in some cases suffer. I want to use WIFI as much as the next person but with two-way live streaming, little glitches in connectivity will ruin an otherwise great show.

I will be back on air on Monday the 28th of March .
You can follow this link to see scheduled Blab.Cafe start times and subscribe buttons.
If you would like to see a playlist of previous shows, you can visit my Blab.Cafe YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSJ0-9z1EnpomS2iel-2-aEY4CuDwZfqj

I have been asked many times, Why do you do this?
At first, I started doing it as a hobby because I liked to meet people and connect people from all over the world. But then I could see that most people appreciated coming on the show for various reasons, some wanted to promote their businesses, products, services and or events while others needed a place to practice their on-air presence. It takes a bit of practice to do a proper pitch. I’ve found some people to have a knack for it and some others struggle. That is understandable and ok, That is what I am here for, to help you get comfortable on-air and in front of your camera. The main key to doing a great pitch is…….
*Be Yourself* .  With over 117 shows on Blab.Cafe and many more interviews on record, I have seen people try to talk at a breakneck pace just to get their message across. The problem with that is you start to sound tense and that will get very tedious for the listeners and or viewers.

All of these issues can be overcome with practice.
Because practice brings with it Confidence, and Confidence will make you feel more relaxed with any topic or question, And if you do not have an answer to a question, just say I am sorry I do not have an answer for that question, No harm No foul, so to speak.
I think it is much better to give no answer than to give the wrong answer.

Thank you for watching, reading and following my blog and the Blab.Cafe on Blab.im

Sincerely, Donald L. Brant 


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