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Donald Brant TransparentThank you all for visiting Blab.Cafe, Please let me know about posting your products affiliate links on this page. I am looking forward to promoting your products here.

Hello, and welcome to the Blab.Cafe affiliate page. I must first say, this affiliate work is very new to me and I am learning something new every day. I want to tell you why I chose the products on this page. First off, I have been making video content for over four years and I have never found a camera that performs the way the Logitech C920 performs. It is USB plug and play, Compact size allows you to mount it to a tripod and fold it up, put it in a backpack and take it along with you for those remote projects. I also like the built-in microphone, it offers great background noise reduction and more freedom of movement when doing whiteboard presentations and other live events. I would recommend the Logitech C920 for a PC running Windows or the Logitech C615 for Mac users. If you have any questions or need help setting your camera up when you get it in the post, Just Direct Message me on Twitter @DonaldBrant1  Have a great day!  Sincerely, Donald L. Brant  ♥